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Going Through a Ton of Hand Sanitizer and Gloves?

Going Through a Ton of Hand Sanitizer and Gloves?

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020 0 comment(s)

We may have a solution for you.

As many of us prepare to go back to work following the major shutdowns caused by the novel Coronavirus, we are trying to determine the number of surfaces we come into contact with each day.

Elevator Buttons


Self-Checkout Machines


Vending Machines

Parking Kiosks

Building Directories

    While we do wear nitrile gloves whenever possible, in Houston we’re faced with a factor that complicates the situation: heat and humidity. It’s only late April, but trying to put on rubber gloves at the drive-through ATM is already frustrating to say the least.

    Enter HG styluses. No, a stylus won’t help you pump gas - a rubber glove is better suited for picking up the nozzle. What a stylus can do is eliminate the need for rubber gloves when you only need to use a touchscreen or press physical buttons. This allows you to save gloves and hand sanitizer for situations where you really need it. 

    We currently have a variety of styluses in-stock and ready to ship. These products are linked below.

    Can you think of any other situations where a stylus would shine? Leave a suggestion in the comments section.

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