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5 Tips for Working From Home

5 Tips for Working From Home

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020 1 comment(s)

And Products to Make it Easier

There are currently more people than ever working remotely, in large part due to the Coronavirus. While telecommuting has become much more commonplace in the past decade, many of us have never been quite this removed from our workplaces. 

Below are five tips that are helping our team work remotely, and products which make those tips even easier to follow.

  1. Set Work Hours: Before the pandemic, you likely arrived to work at a set time everyday. Despite the fact that you’re not commuting in a car now, set strict office hours for your home office. Setting clear boundaries on what time is “office time” helps in avoiding distractions throughout the day, and helps provide a sense of normalcy to this unique situation. Wake up on time with the iHome® Qi Wireless Alarm Clock.

  2. Communication is Key: The truth is that it’s a lot more difficult to collaborate with team members while working remotely. Regardless of which collaborative software your company uses, web cameras, microphones and headsets do a lot to improve communication and productivity. A recent introduction and top product in its class is the Koss® USB Headset.

  3. Structure Your Day to Mimic the Office: Whether at home or in the office, we strive to be productive for the entire work day. The honest truth is that we’re not. At the office, this presents itself in the form of water cooler and copier talk. Don’t isolate yourself unnecessarily while working remotely. If it’s the middle of the day and you’re feeling disconnected, message a coworker and ask how their day is going. This is no different than short, side conversations that occur in the workplace, and it does an immense job of providing some camaraderie during our shared isolation. 

  4. Setup Your Environment for Productivity: Some people may read this suggestion and think “but, I don’t have room for a home office.” While peoples’ individual living arrangements indeed vary a lot, dedicating your space to an office environment during work hours is possible regardless of square footage. Since I personally don’t have room for a home office, my workday happens at my dining room table. I’ve also found that putting on a Spotify work playlist at a low volume helps my brain realize we’re at work. I've been playing my office tunes on the JBL® Flip 5.

  5. End Of Day Routine: When working at the office, days frequently end with a routine of powering down the computer, saying goodbye to co-workers, walking to the car and driving home. This kind of routine is not automatically built-in when working remotely. Creating this “shut down” routine for your home office can help your brain realize that work is over for the day, and you are no longer in the “office.” For an even more surefire way to relax at the end of the day, try the iHome® Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

Did we leave out an important work from home strategy? If so, leave your most useful tip in the comments section.

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