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Employee Wellness Month

Employee Wellness Month

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 0 comment(s)

Employee Wellness Month explained and how you can sell into it.

Employee Wellness Month is celebrated every year in June. The primary goal of this time is to bring employee well-being to the forefront of the conversation. Did you know that adults spend the majority of their lives, and the most active part of their days, at work? During Employee Wellness Month, employers are encouraged to adopt plans, educate and provide employees with information related to healthy living and wellness.

You may be wondering why this is an event you should sell into. This event is a great opportunity for companies to remind employees that their overall well-being matters. It’s also an opportunity for Distributors to show clients another product category that may otherwise go unseen.

For the most part, our blog audience understands the power of promotional products. Let’s jump into an example that shows that power applied to this situation. Almost everyone acknowledges the benefit of drinking water every day. A company decides as a first step that they want to educate their workforce on the importance of drinking water. Providing thorough education on the benefits of staying hydrated is probably effective, right? Probably, but consider how much more effective it would be to provide the same education, but also give out an Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder to help each employee stay on track.

The above situation applies to many products. It also explains why many companies incorporate Promotional Products into employee wellness and incentive programs. Incorporating the right Promotional Products only helps to improve program results.