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New Gift Sets

New Gift Sets

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 0 comment(s)

Introducing Pre-Assembled & Sustainable Gift Set Options.

If you have recently spent time browsing our website, you may have noticed some updates and additions to our gift sets. Some of these changes include a new custom gift set information page (linked here), and 12 pre-assembled gift set options (linked here).

We’re excited to announce that all of these new introductions are now available. Read on for more detailed information.

Pre-Assembled Gift Sets - We’ve assembled 12 gift sets with pre-selected items that display as products on our website. These hand-selected groupings focus on a few themes, but given the current climate, many have a “remote work” or “return to work theme.” These gift sets offer quicker production time than fully custom gift sets, and pricing is simplified by including all product imprints with one setup charge.

Custom Gift Sets - Two changes have been made to Custom Gift Sets.

  1. Transition from Laser Cut Foam to Shredded Cardboard - Our previous gift sets held items in laser-cut foam. While aesthetically pleasing, the downside to this was the setup cost, and the environmental impact of using foam. In an effort to offer gift sets at all price ranges, and to be eco-friendly, we have discontinued the use of laser-cut foam inserts and now pack gift sets with shredded cardboard. 

  2. Consolidation of Box Sizes - We previously offered gift boxes in nearly a dozen sizes. To simplify the order process, we have consolidated the number of custom gift boxes that we offer. We now have boxes available in three sizes that fit a wide range of available drinkware and tech products. 

For more information on pre-assembled and custom Gift sets, our Customer Service team is available to help via website chat (bottom right corner of this page), email and phone.

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