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A Case For Personalization

A Case For Personalization

Friday, May 29, 2020 1 comment(s)

Learn more about this popular service.

Why Personalization?

Think of personalization on promotional products akin to the authentic version of those promotional emails that we all receive with the subject line saying “Hey (insert your name), will you check out my (insert product here). More and more people are realizing that email senders using the previous example are not writing each one by hand. They have a mail program that is attempting to deliver bulk email with a personal touch. The issue here is that when we receive emails like this, we often see through the tactic and feel as though we’ve been misled. 

As a side note, if you sign up for our email list, we promise to never send a bulk email with the subject line starting with “RE:”. Those are reprehensible.

The same kind of campaign can be run with promotional products, and I know we’re slightly biased here, but it’s a lot more effective. The primary reason behind this is the same reason that promotional products are effective in the first place - you can see, touch, smell, and in some cases, taste promotional products. They’re tactile. 

Personalization takes the standard strengths of promotional products, and amplifies those strengths and benefits by speaking directly to the recipient.

What Products Can I Personalize?

While drinkware oftentimes comes to mind when thinking about personalization, it is offered on any of our products that are capable of being laser engraved. This includes tumblers, mugs, bottles, canteens, power banks, photo frames, keychains, crystal and more.

How Do I Order with Personalization?

Personalization is offered as an additional charge on any of the items mentioned above (or linked below). The best practice is to simply include the personalization as a line item on your purchase order and send a file containing all of the names or variable data. 

For all things related to availability and pricing, our Customer Service team is available to help via website chat, email or phone.

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