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Why You Should Sell Portable Power Solutions from myCharge®

Why You Should Sell Portable Power Solutions from myCharge®

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 0 comment(s)

Did you know that the average person checks their phone over 100 times per day?

Are you selling portable power solutions? If not, the statistics below may change your mind:

110 – The number of times the average person checks their phone per day
77% – Percentage of smartphone users whose battery dies by 4pm each day
120 – The number of texts phone owners aged 18-24 send and receive per day
2.7 – The number of hours the average person spends on their phone for fun each day

There are many reasons for choosing myCharge®, but below are the three most common:

1) myCharge® is known for it's superior charging capability. All myCharge® power banks contain SmartSense™, which detects and adapts to the specific phone (or device) it's plugged into, to give it the maximum amount of power it can handle. This charges the device as efficiently as possible,without safety concerns such as overheating.

2) The “Hub” series includes Apple-certified mFi adapters built in to the chargers.  With the approved Apple patent on cables, the demand for mFi adaptors is high, and is here to stay.

3) With the cost of phones increasing drastically, many consumers think twice before plugging their phones into devices from unknown brands. myCharge® provides the safety and security that end-users require for their phones and devices.

See our myCharge® line here:

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